Hey There! I'm Kathryn

Personal Trainer and Life Coach

Hi! I'm Kathryn

I'm So Glad You're Here!

Hi! I'm Kathryn

I'm So Glad You're Here!

Hey There! I'm Kathryn

Personal Trainer and Life Coach

My mission is to support people in living a healthy, balanced life.

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I share stories and give advice on: 

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As a personal trainer and a life coach, I specialize in life changing fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle programs.  My passion is helping people live the life of balance, joy, and present moment gifts.  

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About Me

I have been involved with health and fitness on many different levels in my life. The fitness bug bit me hard when I was training for my wedding several years ago. I was in the gym so much that I started training my friends.

After the birth of my twins daughters and gaining 75 pounds a few years later, I trained myself again. After the birth of my son, I lost another 45 lbs
I have tried a lot of different things on my weight loss journey over the years; from fad diets to ineffective exercises. At some point, it finally clicked: I not only needed to exercise my body, but I needed to exercise my strong will. I discovered that if I honored my body and exercised that the nutrition would follow.

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Phone: 630-207-2984

Email: kathrynthetrainer@gmail.com

Kind Words

"Kathryn is wonderful! I have had a great experience training with her for the past 6 weeks. When I first met with her and I explained what my goals were she was very honest about what was realistic and laid out her thoughts on a game plan (protein goals, number of workouts, food suggestions). She has a background in being a life coach so she is attentive to your total wellness, not just physical, which is key for me.

I work out with her exclusively via FaceTime and as a busy, working Mom, it couldn't be more perfect. She is on time and friendly, even at 6 am!

If you are on the fence about contacting her, do it! You won't regret it. 

Scheduling times with her is easy and if I ever need to move times around she is very accommodating. Also, from the beginning she was upfront about her fees and wanted to make sure that we stayed within my budget. She never pushed me to do more than I was comfortable with. 

Kathryn utilized a phone app called Trainerize, which I love. She loads the work outs in the app after we have completed them so I am able to do them on my own on days of the week that I don't work out with her. It is very easy to follow along."

Amy K.

"Kathryn is an amazing trainer and life coach!  When I set out to train for my wedding, I had no idea the emotional and mental aspect of fitness, and how your job and schedule can affect results.  I am healthier and happier since training with her.
Also highly recommend the FaceTime training she does!  You can work out in the comfort of your own home."

Erica Z.

Supportive, encouraging, & addictive!! Kathryn offers great support and positive feed back with the right amount pushing! I've gained so much more then just better fitness in these 3 months! Can't wait to see what a year brings.

Kate A.

"I've been going to Kathryn for almost a year now and she's transformed me!  I'm 54 and starting on the downside of fitness, but I've never been more fit than I am today, thanks to Kathryn.  She's gentle but powerful, always finding the exercises that push you but don't harm you.  She's always careful of weak spots (like my bad knees) and gives alternative ways of keeping up with everyone else.  Thanks to Kathryn, I can now easily balance on the half-ball thingy and still lift heavier weights than most.  Before, I could barely stand on that thing without losing my balance.  Besides the physical nature of fitness, Kathryn is all about the inside too!  She's right up my alley."

Kathy M.

I started with Kathryn a couple months ago and really appreciate her enthusiasm, professionalism and customized approach to my workout. She's tailored my sessions to accommodate my should bursitis and other issues. She's the first trainer I've had who text messages me to "spot" check and encourage me with healthy food choices during the day, lol... If you are looking for a personal trainer who cares for her clients, highly recommended!

Kim M.